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Certificate in Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) provides the framework and tools to refocus and build highly efficient processes to achieve big improvements in quality, cycle-time and service, all while controlling costs.

Agile Requirements Analysis

This course focuses on the systematic and disciplined approach to the elicitation, documentation, validation and the management of business requirements from an Agile context and mindset.

Business Process Mapping and Modelling

Learn how to model business processes using BPMN. This technique is at the forefront of process mapping and modelling because it is understandable by both business and technical people in most businesses.

Write Effective Standard Operating Procedures

You will learn how to write and implement business-friendly SOPs that support policies, make sure that all business processes that are auditable, and highly efficient.

How to Read a Business Process Model

In this online course you will learn how to read a business process model developed using Business Process Model and Notation, which is understandable by both business and technical people.

Certificate in Requirements Engineering: Online Course

This online course will teach you a systematic and disciplined approach to the elicitation and model-based documentation, validation and management of system requirements.

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